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Popular styles and sizes.

  • Combed Cotton No-Show
  • Most Popular
    Custom Combed Cotton Crew Sock
  • Combed Cotton Knee High
  • Combed Cotton Ankle Sock
  • Custom Athletic Crew Sock
  • Most Popular
    Custom Combed Cotton Crew Sock 2
  • Most Popular
    Custom Combed Cotton Crew Sock 3
  • Most Popular
    Custom Combed Cotton Crew Sock 4
  • Custom Athletic Crew Sock 2

Perfect for pledge drives

A Sock Fancy custom sock is the perfect add on item to showcase your brand. A great way to use your totally custom sock is to add them as an incentive for pledge drives and fundraisers. Quality giveaway items and swag are a great way to encourage people to donate to your cause all while offering a branded item that your customers can rock year round. Swag items for your company come in all forms. From traditional to out of the box, the options for custom swag are endless. But, when you are looking for a unique and memorable item, custom socks will check all the boxes.

client gifts that will blow them away

Impressing and taking care of new and old clients is a key function of any business. You want them to know that they matter and really show how much you appreciate their loyalty and business. What better way to do that than with custom socks for a client gift basket? After you close a big deal or work together to create something awesome, custom Sock Fancy socks are an ultra thoughtful way to say thanks. A custom, co-branded sock that both of your employees can wear inside and outside of the office is a unique and long lasting company swag item that your clients will love.

promote positive brand buzz

What better way to promote your brand than through custom socks? And what better company swag item could you get to accomplish that other than custom branded socks? Promoting positive brand buzz is key. You want clients and potential customers to be able to recognize your brand right away while also keeping the positive brand buzz constant. With Sock Fancy custom socks, you will be able to use your socks to create a unique brand association. Custom socks can be used in so many different ways, from swag bags to giveaway items. All of these ways will give potential customers and clients more of a reason to talk about you and your brand.

Custom packaging makes it your own.

Customize your packaging with your own branded design. Available in your choice of hangtags and belly bands for added versatility.
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