You Should be Sending Your Clients Thank You Gifts

If you want to retain clients, guarantee new clients become repeat ones, and keep them loyal to your company for life, thank you gifts are a sure-fire way to do so. They can help to build a strong relationship, spread brand awareness, and also show how much you value them for trusting your business, products, and services. After all, they’re the ones keeping you up and running! If you haven’t already considered sending thank you gifts to clients, now is the time to start. 


It’s somewhat simple. Gifts relay appreciation, show that you value a client, and help to build and maintain professional relationships. There’s plenty of reasons why gifting a token of appreciation to a client can work wonders for your business. Of course, it’s important to maintain relationships with your clients consistently by checking in, but the occasional gift is guaranteed to be cherished.

Additionally, client gifts can be particularly valuable for small businesses, especially during these more difficult and unprecedented times. For the clients who have been loyal to you, showing that you recognize and appreciate them is an invaluable practice. Maybe you don’t love the idea of spending money on gifts right now, particularly if you’re pinching pennies trying to keep your small business going. However, there are plenty of inexpensive gift ideas that are a seriously important investment in fostering healthy client relationships. In this case, it is all about spending money to make money.


Of course, it’s somewhat common sense that purchasing a gift for a client is a good way to show appreciation, but exactly what gift to buy is another story. You want something practical, personalized, and unique, but that won’t burn a nasty hole in your wallet. It’s not all too difficult to come up with a good gift idea, but there are a few key gift-selecting tips to bear in mind. 

Think about the client when you’re choosing a gift, don’t select something generic and boring, and then send it out to all of your business contacts. That won’t make you stand out, and it’s likely your present will end up in the trash can if it isn’t practical or useful to the recipient. When choosing your gift, think of something that the individual client will enjoy or find useful. And remember, good gifts don’t need to break the bank! There’s no need for your thoughtful gift to bankrupt you, particularly if you’re sending tokens out to multiple clients. Even more importantly, giving overly pricey gifts can portray a wrong impression regarding your income or your company’s profits. Steer clear of those hefty price tags!


Start With a Note

This is simple, a little old-school, but highly effective. Write a personalized note to your client thanking them for their loyalty. This message that’s directly tailored towards them is a certain sign that you appreciate them and that their support of your company doesn’t go unnoticed. 

A Travel Gift Basket

The world has been on lockdown for the better part of a year, and now that travel is up and running again, many individuals are flying for business (and pleasure). A travel basket that contains thoughtful items like some custom socks, a portable charger, an eye mask, or a passport cover is an excellent gift idea.

A Gourmet Snack Basket

Snacks are great, gourmet snacks are even better. They’re a fancy and sophisticated take on an old classic. Most snack box companies these days will even offer different and more personalizable snack baskets so you can make sure your client gets something they’ll enjoy. There are even options for beer and wine baskets… extra fancy!

A Relaxation Gift Basket

Maybe instead of traveling for work, you have a client who deserves some chill-out time (don’t we all). If that’s the case, a gift basket based on relaxation is going to be a gift they will love. Try including items like a scented candle, a tea selection, or a diffuser. 

Show Appreciation to your clients

Client gifts can go a long way, particularly if you put careful thought and consideration into them to show that you value your client. These gifts don’t have to be expensive, it’s certainly the thought that counts. No need to worry, there is a myriad of top-notch gift ideas for clients that strike the perfect balance between practicality, personalization, and affordability.