Why Custom Socks Are the Best Trade Show Promotional Item


Why Custom Socks Are the Best Trade Show Promotional Item

You have a great booth, an awesome trade show staff and need the best promotional items to finish off that trade show checklist. In a conference room filled with boring pens and flimsy drawstring bags, with hundreds of other companies at the trade show, you want the best promotional items to help make your company stand out. Clients don't want another tee shirt to stuff in their pajama drawer, but some high-quality custom socks will catch their eye for sure. A nice, comfy pair of premium custom socks are the best promotional item to grab your next client’s attention and help secure that next deal. 

You have freewill to customize our socks to your company’s logo and colors. Sock Fancy makes it easy to create a unique design for custom socks. Choose from whichever style best represents your brand -- crew, performance, fuzzy or quarters. Find the perfect fit with women's, men's or unisex sock sizes. Work one-on-one with our in-house graphic design team to discuss your design ideas, incorporate your company's  logo, and experiment with different options that suit your brand best. Sock Fancy custom socks will be your next best promotional item for your upcoming trade show :)

Useful Giveaway Gift

Socks are an everyday item, which makes them incredibly useful and less likely to end in the trash. Your trade show promotional items reflect your brand so you should buy the best promotional gift you can offer to clients. Why not add to their everyday wear collection with custom socks? Our high-quality socks are sure to land front and center in the sock drawer. Each time they pull up those extra comfy socks, the wearer will be reminded of their experience at your booth when they were gifted a nice pair of custom socks. Custom socks are best promotional item to keep your brand top of mind even after they leave your booth. What a great way to maintain a lasting impression with your clients.

A Unique Promotional Item Giveaway

“Hey! Where did you get those socks?” -- A common question asked to those caught wearing our awesome socks. Custom socks make a literal walking billboard. If you have a sock with a killer design, with help from our amazing in house graphic design team, the wearer will be happy show them off and word will get around. Trade show attendees will want to stop by your booth to learn about your company and see how they can score a pair of fun socks. Pair them with a giveaway that requires attendees to fill out a contact form or share your brand on social medium. Custom socks are the best promotional item to help spread the word and build brand awareness.  

The Best Trade Show Promotional Item

Custom socks are the way to go for your trade show promotional items. Custom designed to your brand, everyday wear friendly, and unique from the outdated fidget spinners and dusty water bottles. We make it easy to make sure your company stands out at your next trade show. Take the next step and let Sock Fancy help take your promo game to the next level!