The Most Unique Corporate Gift Ideas We’ve Ever Seen

Alright, so you may have a good general understanding of why corporate gifts can be beneficial, but coming up with good gift ideas is a whole other story. In a previous blog post, we discussed the top tips and tricks to good corporate gift-giving, here, we’ll go over some unique ideas for gifts.  

Let’s be honest, almost everyone has a drawer in their house full of branded pens, or an impressive collection of logo-clad coffee mugs. Those are pretty generic (and boring) corporate gifts, and you certainly don’t want to be generic. You want to stand out from the crowd, and do so without breaking the bank. To help, here are some unique corporate gift ideas to get your creative gifting juices flowing.

A Terrarium

Plants make an amazing gift, whether in the corporate world or your personal life. They can brighten up space and they’re also the gift that keeps on giving since they can last for so long if taken care of. That being said, plants need just that… regularly taken care of. Because of this, you don’t want to give just any plant out as a gift, but a desktop terrarium makes a perfect and unique green gift idea. 

Terrariums tend to feature hardier plants, like air plants, which are relatively easy to keep alive and won’t die if left alone in an office over the weekend. What’s more, if your gifted terrarium is sitting on a client’s desk, they’ll think of your company every time they see it or take care of it. 

A Custom Puzzle

Puzzles make good gift ideas because many people enjoy them, but they’re not the sort of thing we tend to buy for ourselves. They may seem outdated, but actually, they’re all the rage lately, and they’re certainly a unique gift idea. What’s even more unique? A completely customized puzzle! It’s a pretty safe bet that no other competitors have thought of this unique idea, what’s more, they’re both affordable and it’s easy to add that all-important personal touch to your gift.

A Snack Box

Everyone loves snacks, so this gift idea is a sure bet. It’s also a unique twist on the old, out-done corporate fruit basket gift. Food is a pretty safe way to go when it comes to giving a good gift since you know it’ll be enjoyed and much appreciated. Modern snack box companies also make a variety of different styles of snack boxes, so you can personalize the type you send for each recipient.

Custom Socks

Regular socks are a bit boring, custom socks, on the other hand, bring a fun twist to this gift idea. Socks are also useful, most people will appreciate a gift they will get some good use out of. But the best part of this gift idea is that custom socks can be personalized or branded with your company’s logo. If that seems too “in your face”, you can even try just customizing them with your company colors for a more subtle form of branding. This adds a personal touch or can be used to make sure a client never forgets your business, especially every time they put on the socks you sent them.

Special Tea Blend

Just like snacks, tea makes an excellent and thoughtful gift choice. Special tea blends give people a good selection of different teas to try. This is also a fairly safe gift since most people will be able to find a tea they enjoy in a special tea blend selection box. Tea selection boxes also come in a variety of different sizes and price points, so you can send them out to individual clients or for an entire office to enjoy. 

Unique Corporate Gifts

Corporate gifts done right can be extremely beneficial to your business and help to foster lasting relationships, as well as show appreciation. But here’s the thing, they need to be done correctly, and that’s easier said than achieved. Try these unique corporate gifting ideas, or use them as inspiration to come up with a one-of-a-kind idea all of your own. Remember, when giving a corporate gift, select something that’s within budget, personalized, and that the recipient will use, appreciate, and enjoy. Gone are the days of branded coffee mugs, pens, and cellophane wrapped fruit baskets.