The Best Company Anniversary Gift Ideas for Employees

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The Best Company Anniversary Gift Ideas for Employees

Your employees are essential members of your team, and you should always show them your appreciation. When a work anniversary rolls around, it makes sense to celebrate them and their accomplishments with special gifts and love. You can do much more than a Starbucks or Cheesecake Factory gift card. It’s time to get creative and recognize your employees! For inspiration, here are the best company anniversary gift ideas for employees. 

Make a Thoughtful Care Package

Who doesn’t love a good care package full of their favorite things? Fill their basket with everything they will love, from chocolates to gift cards to new ballpoint pens to handwritten notes from other employees. This gift is versatile, and you can customize it to their liking.

Deck Them Out in Branded Swag

You will be surprised at how many employees love their branded company swag. If your employee loves cozy socks, gift them custom branded socks, or if they love a nice hoodie, gift them a customized branded hoodie! This gift is an excellent option for employees celebrating their first year at the company—it will make them feel solidified in the company.

Gift Them Additional Time Off

Your employee deserves a break from the hard work they have put into the company. Getting additional paid time off is one of the best gifts to give someone on their work anniversary since it’s their day. This allows them to celebrate on their own time and terms!

Plan a Group Outing Celebration

Celebrating an employee’s anniversary is the perfect reason to have a group outing! Plan an outing on the day of or near their anniversary and take the office on an adventure to go bowling, throw axes, play laser tag, or enjoy a brewery. Allow the guest of honor to choose a corporate-approved activity to make the outing feel personal and enjoyable!

Create a Company Video 

In addition to showing your employee appreciation and love, you should consider creating a slideshow or video to recognize your valued employee. Fill the video with images of the employee’s time at the company and videos from coworkers expressing their appreciation for all their hard work or fun memories they’ve had together. 

Finding the best company anniversary gifts for employees isn’t as challenging as you think. If you put your mind to it, you can develop creative ideas to celebrate them!

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