The Best Branded Promotional Items for Spring


The Best Branded Promotional Items for Spring


Spring, when people’s fancy turns to…swag. As we plan to emerge from the winter and the pandemic (we hope) cocoons, it’s time to consider the best promotional items for spring. When the season changes, people feel restless and ready to bust out of the house for some outdoor fun and frolic. Support your employees and customers as the seasons change with a little springtime swag.


Water Bottles

When it’s time to crawl out of the basement where we’ve been doing our video workouts for months, outdoor exercise beckons. Weekend warriors, as well as serious runners and fitness freaks, understand the importance of proper hydration. Support the impulse to exercise with branded water bottles that will supply needed fluids while reminding your customers and employees of how you appreciate them.


Performance Socks

After a long, cold winter, encourage your employees to dust off their running shoes and put on a pair of branded custom performance socks. Our premium athletic performance socks come in crew and quarter styles and can be fully customized to your brand.

Branded Umbrellas

Before May flowers come April showers. In many places, spring rain is inevitable. Bring a little delight to the deluge with branded umbrellas bearing your company’s logo. Your employees and clients will appreciate staying dry under the shelter of your logo while waiting for the bus or dashing from the parking lot to their desks.



In colder climates, jackets may lighten up a bit in early spring, but scarves are still necessary to keep the damp and chill away from vulnerable necks and noses. Promotional scarves are versatile enough to go from circling around the neck and collar to simply hanging in front of a jacket’s lapels. Plus, they make great items to wave around at opening day of the company softball league.


Tote Bags

It might not be time for the beach yet, but last year’s totes will be getting tired. A fresh springtime tote bearing your logo will travel from the grocery store to the salon to the gym, taking your brand message with it everywhere it goes. Extra points if you pre-pack the tote with a branded towel, sunglasses, and a can or bottle koozie to keep forthcoming seasonal beverages cold and refreshing.


The best promotional items for spring bring a sense of fun along with a message about your brand, whether it’s about health and wellness, fun and frolic, or practical problem-solving. Have fun selecting your next pieces of swag!