The Benefits of Supplying Custom Face Masks for Employees

The Benefits of Supplying Custom Face Masks for Employees


Face coverings benefit the entire community by lowering the risk of contagious disease. Businesses that require employees to mask up should learn the benefits of supplying custom face masks for employees.


It’s simply indisputable that masks work to protect people from infection with the coronavirus that causes COVID-19 disease. Several studies, including a study conducted aboard the USS Theodore Roosevelt, where people were unavoidably in close contact, showed that those who wore masks were far less likely to become infected with SARS-CoV-2, the coronavirus that causes COVID-19.


These various studies demonstrate that wearing a mask is an expression of care and concern for neighbors, colleagues, family, and friends. The benefits of supplying custom face masks for employees are many, including simply making mask-wearing easier, less expensive, and more convenient for workers.


Community Leadership

During difficult times, people turn to familiar institutions and businesses for a sense of normalcy. Supplying custom face masks for employees helps them help you lead by example, keeping your customers and employees safer as new variants and infections continue to surge.


When you and your employees model safer practices like mask-wearing, it makes it easier for the community at large to follow suit and for reluctant outliers to adopt safer behavior. Among the benefits of supplying custom face masks for your employees is that your company’s identity is bound together with your model behavior. Members of the community will remember that you and your employees were out in front of best practices to minimize risk to everyone.


Uniformity and Identification

When municipal or state rules require everyone, customers and staff alike, to wear masks, it can be hard to tell who’s who. Name tags alone don’t always cut it to help customers identify who is an employee and who isn’t, especially when masks cover your staff’s welcoming smiles.


When customers spend most of their time looking for logoed shirts or badges and asking, “Do you work here?” your business is losing opportunities to sell and serve. Custom face masks immediately identify employees, and that gets customers moving toward purchasing the goods or services they came to get.


Team Spirit and Branding

Providing your employees with a wardrobe of custom branded face masks shows them you care. It makes them feel included, cared for, and part of the larger company team.


Another great benefit of supplying custom face masks to your employees is brand building. Face masks that bear your logo and company colors promote and reinforce your brand. When everyone is wearing masks, the branded versions stand out and show your company pride. Custom masks make great giveaways, too. Your loyal repeat customers turn into brand ambassadors for you when they don a mask with your company’s logo on it to run errands or meet up with friends (at a safe six-foot distance, of course).


No Excuses

“I forgot my mask” won’t be a problem when you keep a supply of custom face masks in the storeroom. Employees will know you’re serious about masks for their safety and the safety of your customers.


Excuses for failing to wear masks just don’t cut it, especially if you’re in a business that serves families with children too young for vaccinations. At the very least, wearing a mask is a courtesy. In the midst of waves of infection caused by new variants, mask-wearing is a civic duty.


Customer Confidence

People become more nervous about going inside grocery stores, restaurants, and retail establishments with every new wave of infections or the arrival of new variants of the coronavirus. When prospective customers see that your team proudly displays your logo on their masks, they gain confidence that you care about your customers. They can see you’re doing your part to protect everyone while also demonstrating a commitment to sustainability: custom masks are durable, washable, and reusable.



Even if your business is located in a place where mask-wearing is voluntary, supplying your employees with custom masks gives them the opportunity to choose to protect themselves and their customers and get used to wearing items bearing your company logo or identity. Supplying masks demonstrates that wearing company swag is an easy, convenient way to promote the business and make it more memorable.


It won’t be long until those who are reluctant to wear masks adopt them or decide to wear other company logoed items. When they do so, they’ll feel that they are more a part of the team and earn recognition from customers and clients as members of your staff.


Offer logoed socks, scarves, or beanies for your team to stay warm in colder weather. The company “look” will rub off on them, and the resistance to wearing custom masks with the company logo or message may fade.


A Culture of Concern

Supplying custom face masks for your employees can be an integral part of building and maintaining a culture of concern at your business. If you’re supplying masks, you probably are also supplying hand sanitizer and handwashing stations, even if they’re not mandated for your type of business.


Communicate to employees that wearing their masks is a way to show they care about their coworkers’ and customers’ health. That concern will spread to other aspects of your business, helping to build a supportive, caring culture where employees demonstrate their concern for each other daily. They can do this by complying with other safety requirements, helping coworkers out in times of financial or family crisis, and sharing knowledge that helps everyone do their jobs better.


Of course, logoed items alone won’t build team spirit. Your employees must know that your generosity in supplying masks is backed up by a willingness to listen and flexibility about scheduling and time off when workers need it to take care of their families. These things will convey to employees that you have their backs if times get harder before they get better. You’re all in it together. Logoed swag is one way to help your workers feel connected to each other and to the company in ways that won’t subside when the pandemic finally ebbs.


Sock Fancy makes ordering custom face coverings and other knitted items easy. Just tell us about your swag project and the quantity you need, upload your logo art (we don’t charge setup fees), approve a mockup, and place your order. We look forward to working with you!


The Benefits of Supplying Custom Face Masks for Employees




Please note: Our masks are not intended for use in surgical or clinical settings where significant exposure to bodily or other hazardous fluids may be expected or where the infection risk level through inhalation exposure is high. This mask will not prevent you from contracting viruses, but if used correctly, it may reduce your chance of spreading the virus. These masks are made in accordance with the new guidance issued for the use of cloth face coverings to slow the spread of certain viruses. Sock Fancy makes no warranties, either express or implied that the masks prevent infection or the transmission of viruses or diseases. Please continue following other guidance such as washing your hands often and practicing social distancing whenever possible. Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth when removing your mask and wash your hands directly afterwards.