Signs Your Company Branded Swag Needs an Update


Signs Your Company Branded Swag Needs an Update

Do you still use your first computer or your first-ever phone? Probably not, because these technologies have evolved, improved, and became outdated over time. Same with everything else, including marketing strategies and promotional products.

It’s essential to update your company-branded swag occasionally to attract broader audiences while keeping up with the times. There are signs that you need to reevaluate the items you’ve been using to promote your company. You don’t have to keep the same products until the end.

You’re in need of a change; no worries, we got you. Here are a few signs your company’s branded swag needs an update.

What Is Branded Swag?

Branded swag is the promotional items your company should use to promote your brand. These items can range from t-shirts to portable chargers, and businesses usually give them to employees, customers, and potential customers to increase brand awareness and engagement.

Your products should be of superior quality and long-lasting so that those who receive them will associate that item with your company. All your products should display your logo and contact details with unique features for your branded swag to be effective. You also want to choose items that customers or employees can use every day instead of novelty items, increasing brand awareness.

As mentioned above, your branded swag should evolve. The future is exciting, and you should always make sure your items match the brand’s tone. Below are signs your company’s branded swag needs an update or two.

You Give Away the Same Gift Every Year

Your company evolves and changes over time, just like customers’ and employees’ wants and needs. Product item trends vary based on current conditions in the market. For instance, company-branded face masks are more popular due to current events. If you have been giving the same employees or clients the same gifts for the last five years, it’s time to revamp your items to something trendier and more current.

If your company gives you the same patterned scarf every company holiday party, suggest custom logo scarves for the employees.


You Have Only One Type of Branded Item

If you have only one type of branded item, it’s time to add more products to your list. Most companies use only apparel for their branded swag. While that’s a fantastic way to increase brand awareness, it’s not the only way. You can create custom items specific to your industry to stand out from the crowd.

Items you can add to your branded swag include:

                                                          •Custom Bluetooth speaker
                                                          •Custom tote bags
                                                          •Custom drinkware
                                                          •Custom blankets
                                                          •Custom employee kits

Company swag doesn’t have to be plain or boring. You can create unique, customized items for your employees to wear or use with pride.


No One Is Using/Wearing Your Branded Swag

As we all know, one size does not fit all. The same goes for style. If you see that no one uses or wears your branded swag, you should consider swapping items out. Ask your employees what they want to see added to the branded swag list. You or your employees can create so many creative styles for your items. You can host a community contest asking for local artists to create patterns or graphics for your branded swag. If no one is wearing or using your product with love and pride, then it’s time for an update.

For an employee or client to effectively promote your brand swag with confidence, they need to enjoy the items. Otherwise, the employee or client isn’t promoting your brand authentically.

If you see piles of new pens or unworn shirts in your stock, it’s because the pens are cheap, and the shirt’s material isn’t a crowd favorite. Consider which items are favorites and which ones collect dust.


You Don’t Have a Strategy Behind Your Items

You shouldn’t give out items without having a strategic plan. Your promotional gear needs to relate to your brand, be helpful, and be enjoyable to your recipients. Your company swag should create a customized experience for the recipients. By planning, you can create a unique product for your brand that will impress your employees, clients, and customers.

A company that puts its employees first and strives for high-quality products is more successful in creating positive brand awareness. Keep your branded swag on theme with your other marketing messages.

Remember that marketing isn’t one and done. It’s long-term, and strategies constantly change with time. Promotional products should show a commitment to employees, clients, and customers. Having good company swag says, “Thank you for being you. We are glad you are here. We love you.”


Your Branded Swag Budget Isn’t Enough

Frequently, we overestimate how much branded swag can cost, and we make the budget for these items so small. Promotional items can improve your brand awareness, and you should invest in updating your branded swag. Consumers love receiving promotional items because it makes them feel appreciated and exclusive. Extend your promotional brand budget for a wide variety of higher-quality branded items, and your company will reap the benefits.


Your Company Rebranded, but Your Items Did Not

If your new company’s colors are pink and green, don’t pass out items with your old brand colors. If you recently rebranded your company, you should rebrand your promotional items as well. Order products with the new logo or new color scheme so that it matches and reinforces your brand’s website and identity. There is no need to pass out promotional items with the old logo, slogan, and contact details imprinted on them.

You can also use these new promotional items to announce brand changes. If you are planning to rebrand your business, launch new products relevant to the new direction you’re going.

If you read this blog, there is a chance that your company needs to revamp its branded swag items. There’s no need to get overwhelmed; contact us at Sock Fancy for all your high-quality, customizable branded swag needs. We will ensure that your employees, clients, and customers wear your branded apparel with love and pride.

Signs Your Company Branded Swag Needs an Update