Save Your Ears with Custom Ear Savers

Save Your Ears with Custom Ear Savers

We’ve been in a pandemic for almost a year and the spread of COVID-19 is still going around in many areas of the world. As the pandemic continues, we get that some people may have mask fatigue and are tired of following the guidelines as recommended by the CDC. We have the perfect remedy for mask fatigue that will give your ears some relief and allow you to continue to protect yourself, your family and others from the virus. 

Our custom ear savers are perfect for those on the frontlines working to decrease the spread of the virus, employees who have returned back to the office, or to let your clients know they are in mind while we face these uncertain times. Not only do custom ear savers make wearing a mask more comfortable but they also make a great promotional product. Show your team that their company supports them as we continue to fight the pandemic!  

Standard face masks can be tough on delicate skin when worn repeatedly and for prolonged periods of time. Masks weren’t designed to be worn all day, every day. Wearing our custom ear savers allows the mask’s elastic bands to sit comfortably on your face and prevent the bands from rubbing against your ears. The custom ear savers also can help adjust the size of your mask to make sure they fit.

We offer two custom ear saver options to relieve you and your team of mask fatigue:

Mask Snaps

This clever custom ear saver snaps onto headwear like hats, bandanas, headbands or surgical caps. You secure the elastic mask straps onto the masks snaps to relieve the painful pressure of the elastic mask straps digging into the skin. They’re made of recyclable plastic and will never poke a hole through your fabric. Our reusable mask snaps also improve the fit of your face masks and are easy to clean and sanitize.

Mask Straps

These custom ear savers are made with durable polyester fibers and features a smooth slide toggle. Our mask straps keep the mask straps off your ears and sits at the back of your head to alleviate mask fatigue. When you’re not using your mask you can use the strap and let your mask hang around your neck. This custom ear saver is perfect for those who struggle to find masks that fit or who need a break from the behind the ear irritation. 

Custom Ear Savers & Custom Masks Are A Perfect Pair

In addition to our custom ear savers, we can make custom masks for your entire team. Our custom masks have triple-layered protection and are constructed with the highest quality washable combed cotton. Sock Fancy custom masks were designed with comfort and protection in mind. They feature a moldable nose clip and adjustable ear lops to secure the mask on your face. We also sell PM 2.5 filters for added protection. Your team will love a comfortable custom mask along with a custom ear saver.

We are in this together

The pandemic may not be going away soon. As we continue to adapt to the pandemic, we offer our custom ear savers to make wearing a face mask a little easier. Our custom ear savers were designed to offer an alternate way to wear your face mask that avoids looping elastic bands around your ears and reduce friction to prevent chafing or painful rubbing. Speak with a team member to get started!