How to Welcome your Employees Back to the Office After WFH

How to Welcome your Employees Back to the Office After WFH

Returning back to the office? We think after a year-long lockdown, you and your employees should celebrate. Going back to work means things are getting back to normal or at least better right? The first day back in the office might feel like the first day of school. A sleepless night before and everyone rockin’ their best outfits at work. Take this opportunity to make the  transition from working from home  special! 

Here are some ideas to get you started on planning everyone’s first day at work:

Send a Welcome Back Email or Letter

Personal handwritten letters are the best way to go if you have a small team. If you have a large team, a welcome back email will work just fine! Have a supervisor or the CEO write a message welcoming the team back to the office. Thank them for their hard work and express how they look forward to everyone being together again. Also, use this time to remind employees of any workplace policies such as dress code and phone usage. Keep the tone light and positive as you welcome back the team.

Give out gifts

We love gifts. Everyone loves gifts. Custom socks make the perfect gift for any employee. Who wouldn’t want nice pair of comfortable custom socks? You can also gift custom masks, beanies, or scarves to show your appreciation and welcome them back into the office. Send us your logo and our design team will create a killer design. These gifts are easy to give to small and large groups of employees, We offer affordable options to comfortably outfit your team from head to toe.

Host a lunch

We miss these the most at our company. Say bye to the lunches on Zoom calls (and awkward ASMR) and bring employees together at lunchtime to celebrate the first day back. Have lunch catered by a local favorite or even better, go out to eat! Be sure to follow any rules and guidelines that determine how many people should be sharing a space. Spend this time catching up with the team. Grab some balloons and welcome back signs to get the team excited about being back in a non-virtual collaborative environment.

Revamp your WFH policy

Employees can still be productive and focused even outside a cubicle. Establish a work from home policy that allows eligible employees to work from home. Set clear expectations and responsibilities for employees who work from home. Your policy should define who can work from home, the approval process, requesting remote work benefits, and guidelines. Working remotely provides benefits such as a better work-life balance, builds trust, saves money, and more.

Be flexible

Some employees may not be prepared for an immediate return back to the office. Be considerate of employees who may have moved back home or may have to take time to find childcare. There may be government regulations that will need to be followed depending on the number of cases in your state. Accept that there is going to be some anxiety returning back to the office. With concerns about safety and learning to find the balance of work and life again, employees may be reluctant to return back to the office.

Welcome Employees Back to the Office 

Employees who have been working remotely finally gotten the hang of it. Try to make the first day back in the office fun. Be sure to thank and remind employees of how important they are to the team. Show your appreciation with these tips and ease their anxiety. The transition from working from home may be difficult at first but, with the right plan in place, this new normal can be safe and productive.