How To Create the Ultimate New Hire Welcome Kit


How To Create the Ultimate New Hire Welcome Kit

Making a good impression of your company is essential to getting your new hires comfortable and acclimated to their new position. What's a better way to make your new hire feel right at home than welcoming them with an employee onboarding kit? 

The perfect welcome kit says that you're excited about them coming on board, you want them to have a good work experience, and you care about your employees. Your new hires will feel more comfortable, excited, and engaged from the very first day! 

You should prioritize giving the best experience to your new hires. Here is how to create the ultimate new hire welcome kit to create a top-notch welcoming experience. 

What Is a Welcome Kit?

A welcome kit is full of fun and practical items and is given to someone as a friendly welcome to the company. Most things given to new hires are picked to be used in office settings, or are simply for casual usage. 

As time passes, recent trends have emerged, and the concept of prioritizing company culture has evolved. Today, welcome kits show the company's values and appreciation for their employees, regardless of position.

Your new hire welcome kits shouldn't only include notebooks, pens, and a calendar. Rather, new hire welcome kits should include items such as various gifts, company discount codes, tech gadgets, or company-branded swag, if available. Not only is your brand's image important to clients and customers, but it’s also crucial to your employees. The better you treat your employees, the more likely they are to build your brand's awareness to other audiences.

What Should the Welcome Kit Include?

A welcome kit should include items that your new hire can use at work, as well as items they can use outside of work. It's always best to use custom promotional swag items in any welcome kit, so your new hires can sport your company's name with pride. 

Tech gadgets and accessories, such as headphones, laptop bags, and power banks are great additions to your new hire kits. If you want your welcome kit to feel more special and thoughtful, you can include snacks, candy, or a company-branded T-shirt and hoodie.

Overall, the best new hire welcome kits include all the necessities for your new employee. The perfect welcome kit consists of office supplies, policy guidelines, handbooks, gadgets, and novelty items. 

The Key to Welcome Kits

The key to the ultimate new hire welcome kit is to provide items with longevity and purpose. So, when creating your welcome kit, you should keep the following points in mind:

                                                       •Welcome kits should be adequate, creative, and practical.
                                                       •Items in welcome should be versatile and appropriate for your industry.
                                                       •The items you include in your welcome kit should help set your employees up for success.

You want your items to feel special and unique. Personalization is key when creating your welcome kits. Sock Fancy specializes in making the best custom promotional gear for your business, no matter the industry. We take pride in producing high-quality items for you and your employees to wear casually, or in professional settings. 

Ideas for Your Welcome Kit

Your company's welcome kit can be as creative as you want it to be, but if you're having trouble thinking of additional items to add, we’ve got you covered. 

When putting your hire kits together, you should think of items that will be helpful, informative, and beneficial to the person receiving them. Align your items with your company's mission statement and values. You want your creativity to show through the welcome kit by making it aesthetically pleasing and neat. 

Think about your company's theme, colors, and the services or goods you provide, and come up with unique ways to incorporate those elements into the new hire kit. You can even customize your welcome kit by engraving the company's logo on the products!

Here are a few additional items to include in your new hire welcome kit!

Personalized Note

A personalized note from the CEO, executives, or team lead instills pride and appreciation in the new hire. The message should convey how excited you are to have them on board, the mission statement, and company values.

Company Branded Swag

Deck your new hires out with your company-branded swag! From sweatshirts to T-shirts to socks, you can gift your employees with high-quality gear. That way, your new hires will feel included and welcomed in your company on their first day.

Tech Necessities

Every job uses technology these days. You want to ensure that your new employee has the proper access to equipment, applications, and passwords to do their job without trouble. Gift your employee with a company laptop or desktop, keyboard, headphones, mouse, and mouse pad. 

Tote Bags

Trendy tote bags with unique designs are super cute and practical for employees. Your new hire can use the tote bag for toting work gear, grocery store shopping, or to wear as a fashion accessory. This tote bag can act as a marketing technique by casually advertising your company. 

Reusable Water Bottle

Water is a part of daily lives—we need water to survive! Instead of having them drink water from plastic bottles, you should gift your new hires a reusable water bottle! That way, not only will your new hires stay hydrated, but they’ll also practice sustainable and eco-friendly behaviors with your company-branded water bottle.


The ultimate new hire welcome kit should include something niche to the new employee. You should ask them what their favorite snacks are during their hiring process and prepare them in their welcome kit. Adding their favorite snacks will show that you pay close attention and listen to your employees. 

Fun Employee Handbook

While you should provide your employees with a handbook full of your policies and regulations, you should also provide your new hire with a fun employee handbook. This handbook will showcase the fun part of the company's culture.

This handbook should introduce team members through creative bios, display pictures of team-building activities, highlight your top performers, and dedicate a few pages where employees share their work experiences with your company. 

This handbook is an excellent way to get your new hires familiar with other departments and team members and get them excited about being a part of a fantastic team!

How To Create the Ultimate New Hire Welcome Kit