How to Build WFH Culture with Personalized Gifts

How to Build WFH Culture with Personalized Gifts


Work from home culture is a set of shared attitudes in which employees feel connected to their colleagues in a collaborative remote work environment. It can be hard for employees to feel a sense of connection when they are working from home. Your work culture in the office should be extended to their offices at home. You may have to adjust for remote work but employees should still feel that sense of belonging even while working from home. 

Why is WFH Culture Important?

Without the watercooler chat and impromptu engagements like off-site lunches, working from home can be lonely. A strong work from home culture helps employees feel connected to their coworkers and management. Work from home culture is important so employees feel supported, valued and have a place to grow within the company. Take time to give personalized work from home gifts to show how much you appreciate your employees and show off company culture.

What are the Best WFH Gifts?

Gift cards may come in handy but try something different and personalize your work from home gifts. Well-thought-out gifts go a long way with remote teams. Work from home gifts are great to help build the company’s WFH culture. This list features everything from comfy custom socks to relaxing tea to help work from home life be a little easier. Here are a few work from home gift ideas for your remote employees:

Custom Socks

Sock Fancy custom socks are the perfect work from home gift for employees. Our premium custom socks are constructed with the softest cotton blend. Send us your logo and our graphic design team can make any custom sock design come to life. A pair of Sock Fancy custom socks will be your employee’s favorite pair in their sock drawer. Check out all the reasons why employees love our custom socks.

Special Tea Blend

Sometimes a good cup of tea is needed over coffee. Sometimes the most stressful part of a job can be the commute (stepping on a lego if you have kids and WFH), unruly clients, or too many emails. Tea can calm the mind and ease the tension. You could even turn it into a team-building event and do virtual tea testing together. Send your employees a work from home gift that shows you care about your employees’ well-being. 

Stress Relieving Candle

What does a typical day of work smell like? Coffee? Remote employees can try out new scents in their home office. They can make their days answering phone calls and emails feel more, well smell more, like a day at the beach or spa. Studies show that certain scents can boost focus and productivity while working from home. Sounds like a win-win work from home gift for employers and their employees!

Custom Beanies

Our custom beanies will keep heads cozy and warm during the fall, winter, and chilly spring months. They are fully customizable from the pom-pom to the fold-over cuff so you can get the best design with your company’s logo. Custom beanies are a classic work from home gift that will never go out of style. Employees can even wear them outside of the office to show their company spirit and increase brand awareness.

Build WFH Culture with Personalized Gifts

Working from home does not have to be lonely. A strong work from home culture is important so employees feel like they are supported even in a remote working environment. Send a gift to help build up the remote work culture. Personalized work from home gifts will make employees feel valued and they will strengthen the team as a whole. Use this opportunity to show your appreciation to your team.