How Promotional Swag Helps Boost Brand Awareness


How Promotional Swag Helps Boost Brand Awareness


We all do it—head for the exhibit hall between meetings, grab the largest giveaway tote bag, and proceed to fill it with swag: stress balls, pens, staplers, mousepads, t-shirts, refrigerator magnets, mugs, can cozies, and even branded candy bars. The list of free stuff seems endless. But there’s a method to this madness. Learn more about how promotional swag helps boost brand awareness!



Choosing the right kind of items to give away is critical to promoting your business. Longevity is the secret; give away useful, attractive, and quality items that will last. If the pen you give away breaks easily, leaks, or just doesn’t work, the recipient will associate that lack of quality with your brand.


Durable, quality items that remain useful stay on desks, in kitchens, and in the cupboard for quite a while. Tastefully designed, with attention to color and utility, they’ll last and create conversations about where others can get similar items.



Your promotional item might be the classiest, most useful item you can think of, but if nobody sees it, it won’t do the job of increasing awareness of your brand. That’s why hats, t-shirts, and tote bags are so popular. If your brand is the one seen around the exhibit hall on people’s tote bags, you’ve won the day.



The changing seasons of the year offer businesses the opportunity to refresh their promotional offerings and jump-start the “repeatability” the product gives to your brand. For example, refreshing the design of your corporate branded scarves can carry them from winter into spring, and spark interest in other items such as can cozies or baseball caps for the upcoming summer. Choosing promotional items that can roll with the seasons with several design choices keeps your SWAG out there, expanding your brand’s reach.


Promotional swag boosts brand awareness by offering loyal customers, influencers, and conference attendees a useful, attractive item. Cool-looking branded mugs, hats, scarves, tote bags, and socks all come with a conversation starter: “Hey, where’d you get that?” or “That’s a new brand to me—what do they do?” We look forward to seeing your brand around town!