Have your employees formed a company sports league? Sounds like custom socks are in order!

With millions of Americans getting vaccinated each day, people are more excited than ever to return to social situations. Sadly, gyms and exercise facilities were one of the first industries to shut down last year and have been one of the last to open their doors to the public. Thankfully, most gyms and sports centers are opening back up again. After spending a year on the couch, now is the perfect time to embrace physical activity and team sports such as basketball and soccer. These team sports are great bonding activities for companies, and they’re sure to lift your employee’s spirits. It’s also a great opportunity to unify your employees by providing them with custom sports apparel, making each person feel like a superstar. Let's take a look at how these fun team bonding activities can provide a crucial boost to employee morale.

Benefits of Forming A Sports League

The benefits of forming a company team sports league are virtually endless, but let’s focus on the most important aspects.

One of the most important things you can learn from sports is how to function and bond as a team. Company sports leagues are fun team bonding activities that can encourage cooperation and build communication within your individual departments both on and off the court. These activities are a great way to solidify healthy relationships between your employees, making their work experience more enjoyable and productive.

Activities Are More Fun Than Happy Hour

You’d be surprised at the number of people who don’t actually enjoy company happy hours but attend because they feel obligated to. These situations can be stressful, especially for new employees who want to fit in. How much should I drink? How casual should I be? Why is Becky from HR flirting with Jim? A simple way to avoid these anxieties is to provide an alternative through company sports leagues. Not only is it a healthier option, but these alternative bonding activities for companies also make it easier for employees to include their families on the sidelines and save money on a babysitter.

It's An Opportunity for PR and Advertising

Let’s be real; part of a sports team’s legacy is their uniforms. A great uniform stands out and encourages people to spend money on team merchandise. If done correctly, designing custom sports apparel for your employees can accomplish the same goal. If you take pride in your company's sports uniforms, your employees will take pride in working for you. Additionally, when your employees are seen having fun on the court while wearing your custom sports apparel, that looks great for your company. 

Don’t just stop at jerseys. Tons of businesses do that already. If you really want to stand out, design some custom athletic socks to show off your company logo. That’s sure to garner some attention in the gym and, if accompanied by good sportsmanship, is sure to promote a positive public image.

Custom Socks Are Made Easy With Sock Fancy

No one does custom socks better than Sock Fancy. Our countless design options and tedious production process ensure you’ll be getting the highest quality and creative control when designing this season’s custom athletic socks. What makes Sock Fancy the best in the industry? Well, there are a couple of reasons.

Our Design Process

One thing that sets Sock Fancy apart is our design process. We have an in-house professional design team dedicated to bringing your vision to life in vibrant and unique ways. We put our heart and soul into each design, which has generated positive reviews from notable companies and organizations such as Peloton and the National Peace Corps Association.

Feeling creative? Design your own custom socks with logos using our state-of-the-art design tool to implement your logo however you see fit. Our Design Lab is simple and easy to use and allows you to customize every part of your socks.

We Have A Variety of Socks Available

Our catalog has it all, from crew socks and no-shows to performance socks and even performance quarter socks. Our performance socks are sure to keep your employees comfortable on and off the court, with a no-slip compression cuff, durable ribbed construction, and a reinforced heel and toe. There’s also an optional terry cloth bottom and toe branding. Our performance quarter socks also feature a compression arch for extra support. All these features ensure that we’ll provide you with the most durable, comfortable custom sock on the market.