Have to Wear Masks in the Office? Make it a Bonding Experience

We get it. No one really wants to wear masks inside the office. They can be uncomfortable, distracting, and unsightly. But, they don’t have to be. While there’s certainly a fair share of low-quality masks circulating the market, some masks are quite stylish and very manageable. In fact, many businesses have begun producing high-quality customized face masks that allow companies to show off their logo and company pride while staying safe during the global pandemic. Custom facemasks with logos are becoming increasingly popular business attire as companies encourage team bonding through the shared experience of wearing masks. Let's take a look at some ways implementing custom logo facemasks and utilizing mask accessories in the workplace can encourage team bonding.

Give your Employees Custom Matching Masks

Designing custom masks for your employees is a great way to make safety stylish and fun. There are a ton of benefits in this that you might not recognize immediately.

Why is it important in the workplace?

In the business world, unity is a crucial element of a successful company. The CDC still recommends wearing masks inside, but with so many different options to mask up, this can often seem unorganized. There are many different kinds of face masks, ranging from bandanas and rave-attire to surgical and construction masks. Obviously, some masks are more business-appropriate than others.

Just like enforcing a specific business attire, designing custom printed face masks with your company logo can become a new standard piece of the company uniform. This will make your employees feel more like a unified team and shut down any employee gossip about who has the coolest mask.

Ensures That Everyone Has To Wear A Mask

Without standardized masks for your employees, quality control can be difficult. There should be no question about the quality of protection your employees’ masks provide. Plus, you might find that employees are less anxious when everyone is abiding by the proper safety standards determined by the CDC. 

One thing you never want to hear from your employees is, “why do I even have to wear a mask? Some masks don't even provide any protection, so what's the difference?” Good question, Dave. You’re fired. All jokes aside, designing custom masks for your employees makes enforcing safety procedures much easier. Save yourself the headache, and put your company logo on a custom printed face mask to avoid any confusion.

Provide Mask Accessories to your Employees to Make Mask-Wearing More Comfortable

In addition to designing customized face masks for your employees, providing mask accessories can make the experience much more enjoyable. High-quality, stylish mask accessories are available online for a reasonable price. Let's explore some of the most popular accessory options.

Ear Savers and Mask Holders

Ear savers, also called face mask straps and mask holders, are a great addition to your custom printed face mask. These accessories are a practical way to make wearing masks a more fluid experience. Not only do they contribute to a more stylish design, but they’re also super practical and make keeping track of your masks much easier.

Ear savers and mask holders are crucial to making sure you never accidentally donate your facemask to whoever stumbles upon it (although I wouldn’t recommend picking up a random facemask off the ground, no matter how cool it is). With tons of color and style options for your ear savers and mask holders, these accessories can also add a personal flair to your custom logo face masks.

Anti Fog Spray for Glasses Wearers

Wearing glasses makes the mask-wearing experience much more cumbersome. Obviously, glasses are supposed to help you see, but wearing masks often causes them to fog up, making them completely useless at times. Removing your glasses every five minutes to wipe them off also affects productivity and can be super frustrating. That’s why providing anti-fog spray alongside your customized face masks is essential.

Wearing Masks Does Not Have to be Cumbersome

Wearing masks doesn’t have to be a negative experience. In fact, if done correctly, implementing custom-printed face masks can actually be a great bonding exercise and promote a sense of community among your employees. In this remote work world, that’s more important than ever.