Creative Ways to Use Promotional Products

Custom promotional products are about cultivating a relationship with your recipient. Don’t throw a logo on a cheap product and expect it to increase engagement or boost sales. Custom promotional products are also a great way to advertise and build brand awareness. Make sure your promotional product is practical and useful to your recipient. The best promotional products are walking advertisements if your recipients have a real use for them. 

There is so much you can do with custom promotional products. Not only are they great for trade shows and employee appreciation but, you can use them for contests, recruiting, and more! If you have some leftover promotional products from your last trade show or want to find more ways to use your next batch of promo, then take notes.

Let's explore some fun ways to get the most use of your promotional products!

College Campus Recruitment

College campuses are a great place to seek out the next best talent for current and future opportunities to add to your team. Make sure your company appeals to the younger generation. According to a survey conducted by the National Society of High School Scholars, the leading three ways Generation Z finds jobs are through Indeed, LinkedIn, and Google. The best companies engage with the younger generation by being active on social media. Consider doing a giveaway with your custom promotional products or a contest on social media to increase interest in your company. 

Gym Contest Promotion/Giveaway

Does your company offer gym memberships as a benefit for its employees? Want to increase employee engagement while keeping the team in shape? Use fitness-related promotional products to fuel the fire to compete in a fitness program. You can promote challenges like the most weight lost, cycling, running, or most gym visits. As an incentive prepare a swag bag of fun custom promotional products such as a custom water bottle and a pair of custom athletic socks for the challenge winner.

Free Gift With Purchase

Everyone loves free gifts. The free gift with purchase promotion provides an opportunity to boost sales. Offering a gift with purchase allows your products to be perceived with increased value. The word “free” and “gift” is sure to get any customer excited and eager to purchase from your company. You can also up the ante by making your custom promotional product “exclusive” or “limited edition.” 

Product Launch Giveaways

Brands can use custom promotional products when they release a new product or service. Custom promotional products can increase the excitement for customers to try your new product or service. Choose a promotional product that will complement your product release. For example, Peloton partnered with us to create custom athletic ankle socks to outfit their cycling instructor team when they launched their new Peloton bikes. Read more in our Pelton case study!

Virtual Event Swag

The pandemic has changed the way we do live events such as trade shows and conferences. Send registered attendees, speakers, and sponsors swag right to their door. By using custom promotional products, you can help build excitement and increase engagement for your virtual event. Send them a gift they can use to participate virtually in your event. For example, if you are hosting a virtual happy hour, send attendees a cocktail kit to make at home during the virtual event.

Use A Rewards Program

Pair your promotional products with  a customer retention strategy to help drive repeat business and motivate customers to pick your company over a competitor. Offer a loyalty program to encourage customers to place additional orders. You can offer a free gift after a certain amount of repeat orders with you. Reward programs give your customers a reason to come back to you and build loyalty to your company.

Get Creative With Promotional Products

Think outside the box and find a creative way  to get the most use out of your promotional products. The more creative you are, the more likely your company will  be remembered and talked about.  In return,  being creative with your promo will increase your brand awareness and  customer loyalty.  Try something new!