Branded T-Shirts Are So Dated: Custom Swag Alternatives to T-Shirts


Branded T-Shirts Are So Dated: Custom Swag Alternatives to T-Shirts


There are so many ways to recognize employee and customer loyalty, and branded items are one of them. But branded t-shirts are so dated: custom swag alternatives to t-shirts may be more effective at showing your appreciation and fostering employee and brand loyalty. But beyond t-shirts, coffee cups, and pens, what else is there to give? Read on for great alternative swag choices.

Branded Beanies

Not just for winter anymore, branded beanies provide a valued service: they cover up a bad hair day on video chat meetings while working from home, simultaneously displaying company loyalty. Choose quality woven branded beanies that incorporate your logo or company colors, or give employees a choice of color combinations that bear your logo.


OK, maybe custom logo scarves are mostly a cold-weather item, but they look great accessorizing a spring blazer, too. Plus, when summer comes, they’re great to wave around at company-sponsored softball or little league games.

Carabiner Clip Hand Sanitizers

Let’s face it: the hand sanitizer habit is probably here to stay. Now that everyone’s a germ freak, make it easy and personal for clients and employees to keep germs off their hands between rounds of handwashing while singing two rounds of “Happy Birthday.” When the handwashing station or sink isn’t close, a clip-on mini-bottle of hand sanitizer is the next best thing.

Custom Branded Face Masks

Like hand sanitizers, face masks aren’t going anywhere for a while yet. Might as well make it easy for your customers and employees to jazz up their face mask look with your logo. Masks also serve the helpful function of identifying who is an employee in a store full of masked people.

Water Bottle and Can Cozies

Custom cozies for employee water bottles (which also make great custom swag alternatives to t-shirts) start conversations and just make hydrating more fun. Custom logoed can cozies brighten up company gatherings (when we can have those again) and remind employees and customers of your goodwill while they’re waiting at home to come back to work or in-person meetings.

Getting more creative with your company swag can jump-start enthusiasm and loyalty among customers and employees. Browse options for custom socks, beanies, scarves, masks, and more today.