A Guide to Marketing Your Business Through Branded Swag


A Guide to Marketing Your Business Through Branded Swag

Creating corporate swag is a fantastic way to spread the word about your brand and help engage new and existing customers. When promoting your brand, gaining recognition and boosting your business's reputation is the primary goal. If you need guidance, we put together a guide to marketing your business through branded swag to help you promote your business outside of digital marketing. 

Make a Difference in Communities

Corporate philanthropy is a way to embrace your surrounding communities and increase brand loyalty. Giving back to the community creates trust that will resonate with your brand and audience. By hosting a charitable program, such as building houses or serving lunch at a local kitchen, you can promote your business by providing swag that serves as a uniform such as face coverings, T-shirts, hats, or gloves. 

Although Covid-19 regulations have changed, wearing face masks is still encouraged by the CDC. You can pass out branded face coverings to help market your business while keeping everyone around you safe and healthy. 

Reward & Acknowledge Employees

Employees should be rewarded and acknowledged for their hard work, time, and effort. When creating ways to recognize your employees, you want to make the recipient feel valued and appreciated. While it's easy to gift someone gift cards and cash bonuses, a better strategy is to create branded swag that recognizes outstanding performances and achievements. For example, you can give someone a unique coffee mug or T-shirt for going above and beyond their monthly goals.

Create Brand Influencers

Another goal you want for your business is to create die-hard customers. All social media platforms have brand influencers that create content focused on various interests and hobbies. You can use brand influencers as a tool to increase your brand's awareness by choosing influencers within your industry to help promote your company. You want to send new influencers an onboarding kit that allows them to pick which branded merch works best for them. To keep the relationship, send personalized messages and merch so you can continue to build connections and increase awareness. 

Prioritize the Customer Experience

Creating merchandise is one of the most effective ways to enhance the customer's experience because it can develop positive associations, memories, and impressions associated with your brand. You gift items like:

                                                    • Branded cookies
                                                    • Branded Bluetooth speakers
                                                    • Branded power banks
                                                    • Branded eco-friendly cups
                                                    • Branded apparel

Choosing the right corporate swag for your marketing needs is essential for creating positive relationships within your community, workspace, and customers. Using our guide to market your business through branded swag, you can make the most out of your marketing goals this year!

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