5K Race Bag Ideas: Promotional Items for Runners


5K Race Bag Ideas: Promotional Items for Runners


 How can your brand be remembered long after the race is over? Having an excellent race bag is a staple for 5K runs, fundraisers, and promotional events. The key to having a great swag bag is to include branded items that are practical and reusable so they won’t get dumped in the trash. 

If you’re hosting a marathon and need help thinking of a race bag idea, you’re in luck. Here are five of the best promotional items for runners. 

Drawstring Swag Bag

Drawstring bags are lightweight, comfortable, adjustable, and perfect for runners. All a runner’s essentials can fit inside the bag without causing back pain or inconvenience. You can pass these bags out with your brand logo on the front when the participants register for their race number.

Portable Chargers

You can never have too many USB chargers, but when has someone given you a portable charger? Portable chargers are super convenient and allow you to charge your device anywhere you would like without being connected to a wall. By including portable chargers in your 5K race bag, you’ll be able to charge your device anytime during the race in your drawstring bag. Portable chargers can be used anytime, anywhere, as long as they’ve been charged. Place your brand on the portable charger so that participants can think of the business that gave them this super convenient device for free!

Reusable Water Bottles

For a runner, having a portable water bottle is essential to stay hydrated and full of energy. Reusable water bottles can be used anytime, and participants will be reminded of your brand when they use them. When looking for which water bottle is best, aim for flip-top lids because they’re easy to open and are less prone to spilling. 

Lip Balm

Promote skin care and protect the lips of your participants. Lip balm is a part of many people’s routines and is essential to keeping your lips healthy. The air can make your lips dry and chapped when you’re running. Throwing lip balm in every promotional bag will help save the participants’ lips from cracking due to the wind against their faces.

Beanie Hats

Customize and give away your beanies! Beanies hide your crazy hair while keeping your ears warm if the weather is chilly. If it’s cold or you don’t feel like doing your hair, you usually run to grab your handy beanie. When you’re running, your hair can get messed up. Have a variety of beanies you can include in your 5K race bag. From customized pom pom beanies to cuffed beanies, Sock Fancy can give your business the highest quality woven beanies around!

When creating your marathon bags, think about your audience. Include the items your runners will need the most during a 5K race. Refer to this list of the best promotional items for runners to ensure you’re getting the highest quality items!