5 Unique Conference Giveaway and Promotional Gift Ideas

5 Unique Conference Giveaway and Promotional Gift Ideas

How much of the SWAG you collected at your last business conference did you keep? How much did you give away? How much did you toss? If you’re on the giving side of the equation, you want to be sure that the freebies you’re passing out are memorable, useful, and of good quality, so yours don’t end up in the “toss” category. Here are five unique conference giveaway and promotional gift ideas.

The point of giveaways is to build good will with the recipients and promote your brand in a visible, memorable way. Your giveaway items should be quality items—if they break as soon as they’re used, that’s not going to make a particularly good impression of your brand. So if you’re going to do giveaways or distribute promotional gifts, invest in quality items.


A stylish beanie or baseball style cap keeps its wearer warm or protected from the sun, while it broadcasts your brand to everyone within sight. Choose high-quality materials and a tasteful representation of your logo, rather than an aggressive promotional slogan.

Water Bottles

It’s a rare person who gets through a workday without encountering reminders to “stay hydrated.” Water bottles are essential items for the desk and gym bag. Choose a versatile version that can safely transport both hot and cold beverages and is easy to clean.

Bluetooth Devices

It’s not just earbuds and headphones; mini-Bluetooth speakers or tracking devices come in handy, too. People appreciate their usefulness and versatility for home and work.

Tote Bags

The great advantage of the branded tote bag at a conference is that people will be carrying around everyone else’s swag inside a bag displaying your brand, so you win the visibility contest. Plus, tote bags may win the useability category, as they last far beyond a conference and can go with their giftees to the beach, gym, and grocery store.


Custom corporate logo socks are a great promotional giveaway to loyal customers and clients, as well as employees staffing your company’s booth at a conference. They’re unusual among all the pens, stress balls, refrigerator magnets, and mouse pads that get tossed around at conferences, so they make a great conversation starter to get people talking about your company and your products. As high-quality woven apparel, branded socks are durable, practical, and fun.

These five unique conference giveaway and promotional gift ideas will boost your creativity and delight your clients, customers, conference goers, and employees.