5 Reasons Why You Should Send Launch Product Gifts


5 Reasons Why You Should Send Launch Product Gifts

Today, digital marketing and social media influencers can help boost your brand awareness. If you're eager to hit record sales with a couple of Instagram posts, YouTube videos, or TikTok skits, you should find the best social media influencer that fits your brand. 

If you want to launch a new product or service and go the social influencer route, you should send promotional gifts to your selected influencer to help build excitement for your brand. Promotional gifts allow you to be creative and give your customers something to look forward to trying. 

If you're on the fence about adding an influencer to your marketing campaign, here are five reasons why you should send launch product gifts. 

Raise Awareness and Build Excitement

One of the best ways to create hype around your brand is to mail your promotional gifts to your influencers directly. In the package, include:

                                                      • Your promotional product.
                                                      • Details about the product.
                                                      • Key topics you want your influencers to talk about in their post.

Your social media influencer will then record a video or picture with your product to create curiosity and hype.

Make Your Product Memorable

Your product will become memorable when you have a famous influencer promoting your good. Promotional products launch packages ensure that your launch is unforgettable and creates hype around your business and products.

For example, if your business specializes in winter sports gear, send your social media influencer a special package with seasonal snacks, a custom logo beanie hat, coffee mugs, and fake snow! Make the promotional package memorable and over the top to get the followers excited! 

Launch Product Gifts Are Cost-Effective

Suppose your budget is tight; no need to worry! Offering free products to your influencers is cost-effective, alternatively paying influencers money to advertise your products. If your budget for social media marketing is $100, then give your influencers $100 worth of your products. By rewarding your influencers with your products, you're paying for the cost of your products. 

Influences Engagement Through Giveaways

When influencers are gifted with launch products, they will often extend their products to their audience giveaways. This will be the perfect opportunity to grow your brand! Product giveaways can help you increase followers on your social media accounts, build your subscriber lists, and increase website traffic. 

Boosts Marketing Exposure to New Audiences

Influencers can have a following outside of social media accounts. If your goods are excellent and are loved by your influencer, the followers are more likely to follow suit. The most critical reason to send launch product gifts to your influencers is to help boost marketing exposure to wider audiences. 

As you now know from reading our five reasons why you should send launch product gifts, sending promotional gifts can create and return considerable value to your brand in various ways.