4 Ways To Celebrate National Employee Appreciation Day

4 Ways To Celebrate National Employee Appreciation Day


Your employees work hard for you every day, so it's imperative to show that you care. Try one of these four ways to celebrate National Employee Appreciation Day this March 4th. Do something special for your employees that will boost their spirits. They'll appreciate the gesture and want to work harder for you as a result. It's a win-win for both parties. Read on to learn how you can give back to your fantastic team.


Play Games With the Team

Why not take off work for a few hours to have fun and socialize with your employees? You can play games, have refreshments, and bring in catering.

Here are a few office favorites:

  • Employee scavenger hunts
  • Trivia night (TV and music-themed)
  • Office Olympics

These types of office games serve a dual purpose. While your employees are unwinding and having a wonderful time, they're also participating in team-building exercises.


Go To Happy Hour With Your Team

Free drinks are a fantastic way to give back to your employees. Put in an appearance to join the gang for the fun, and be sure to say a few words to express your gratitude to the team. Make sure all employees feel welcome to attend, even if they don't drink. Arrange with the venue to pay for a maximum of 2 drinks per person. Although you’re showing appreciation, you’re not accepting responsibility for overindulgence or overserving your team. Set a time when the company-sponsored gathering is over, and find a tactful way to remind attendees to behave responsibly and get home safely.


Go On a Field Trip

Field trips are another fun reward and can work as a form of team-building. You can go to a local museum, zoo, aquarium, or park. If you have a hometown baseball team, you could attend a game as a group. A field trip will create a memorable work experience for your crew, making them appreciate the job more. Experiences such as this can spark new business ideas as well. Sometimes, an employee needs a little downtime to have that “eureka” moment.


Distribute Gifts

Everyone loves free swag! Provide gifts for your employees. If feasible, go the extra mile by personalizing each present with a card and wrapping paper. Some great gift ideas include coffee mugs, branded crew socks, or gift cards to local restaurants. Remember, all we need is a logo to create a portfolio of free virtual designs so you can visualize what your custom logo swag could look like.


These are four ways to celebrate National Employee Appreciation Day. You may have your own ideas that will work wonderfully well for your team. But remember, showing your employees some appreciation shouldn’t be just a one-day deal. Find ways to communicate your gratitude throughout the year. Your employees will stick with you and tell their friends and family that your company is a wonderful place to work.