4 Things Your Company’s Onboarding Kit Needs

A good onboarding process is critical to optimal employee retention. If an employee doesn’t feel seen, valued, and appreciated, especially during their first few weeks on the job, they’re significantly more likely to jump ship. Not to mention, you want your new hire to buy into company culture and the way you do things as quickly as possible. Of course, getting set up for excellent training is a huge key to good onboarding, but there are other, small steps you can take to make the experience even better.

Putting together a solid onboarding kit can seriously help a new hire feel welcomed and part of the team, which in turn, will pay off when they stick around and become a valued employee. An onboarding kit is simply a collection of items that welcome your new hire as well as provide them with some items they might find useful while working. Onboarding kits can be tailored and personalized for your specific company, but there are a few great ideas for items you should be sure to include in your onboarding kit.

Custom Socks and a Face Mask

A token customized gift like a pair of socks with your company colors is a seriously great way to make a new hire feel appreciated and welcome as part of the team. It can also work wonders for helping them to bond with other employees and become more immersed in company culture. Think of them as a sort of uniform which subtly helps to unite everyone together. These days, the same goes for a custom face mask, which will be a much appreciated and useful addition to any onboarding kit. A face mask is also an excellent branding strategy since it’s highly visible and is often a necessity in public places.

Blue Light Glasses

If your employees are expected to spend a decent amount of time in front of a computer screen, a pair of blue light glasses will be invaluable. Trust us, they will seriously appreciate it when it prevents their eyes from getting sore and tired! This is a thoughtful addition to an onboarding kit that shows you care and think of your employee’s well-being. It’s also a unique addition to an onboarding kit. 

A Reusable Water Bottle

People love their reusable water bottles, and your new hire is bound to be no exception to that rule. Everyone carries a water bottle around these days, so this is one gift that is practical and is sure to be put to good use. Water bottles are eco-friendly and can be a great way to communicate to an employee that your company culture values the environment and personal wellbeing. They also make a great branding tool. Say your employee loves their job and posts a desk photo on social media with your branded water bottle in it… that’s free, effortless advertising! It’s beneficial for your employee but also for the visibility of your brand, win-win. 

Snacks, Snacks, Snacks

You’ll win a new hire over quickly with this onboarding kit addition. After all, food is the way to so many people’s hearts! It’s almost guaranteed that an employee will appreciate some snacks in their onboarding kit rather than a load of branded pens. You could even try kicking it up a notch by including a whole snack kit that includes a range of exciting new items for them to try. 

first impressions with your onboarding Kit

Of course, make sure your onboarding kit includes all the essentials like an employee handbook or information that they will need when they start their new job. But all that stuff is boring and generic without a few fun, practical, and heartfelt items thrown in that can help get a new hire jazzed to work for your company. First impressions are a critical component when it comes to molding a good employee who is dedicated and believes in your brand. An onboarding kit that’s well put together is an excellent way to make a positive and lasting impact.