3 Reasons To Make Branded Beanies Your Go-To Giveaway Item


3 Reasons To Make Branded Beanies Your Go-To Giveaway Item


Are you looking for a straightforward way to promote your business? You could pay for traditional advertising, but unless your ad is truly memorable, you might not get much of a return on your investment. But with branded clothing, every time a person steps outside wearing your merch, you get to advertise without spending any more than the initial cost.

Beanies, in particular, are great promotional items. Promotional beanies with logos and other branded promotional swag are fantastic giveaway items to boost your brand. Here are three reasons to make branded beanies your go-to giveaway item!


Let's face it: hats of all kinds are cool! Hats bring an outfit together or show your interest in a particular style or era. Plus, they're practical. Hats are valuable giveaway items because everyone wears them at some point.

Many people wear beanies regardless of the weather. But in the fall and winter months, beanies are fundamental and necessary apparel for keeping warm. People are more inclined to wear highly functional items, so promotional beanies are a terrific option. After all, it’s hard to imagine someone turning down a free warm beanie this winter.


Giveaways should be affordable without sacrificing quality. Beanies offer that perfect mix between inexpensive and durable. They’re affordable compared to many other promotional items, and they’re also highly visible. People tend to notice each other’s faces and headgear simultaneously. That means most people will notice a beanie when interacting with its wearer. For businesses looking to promote their brand, this visibility translates to getting plenty of bang for their buck.


Our final reason to make branded beanies your go-to giveaway item is significant: long-lasting free advertising. While you make the initial investment in producing the branded beanie, every outing is a free ad for your brand afterward.

Beanies usually last several years before wearing out, meaning the hat is around long enough to see some significant use. Giving away hats with easily identifiable and readable logos helps get your brand out into the world without much effort on your part, other than ordering them and giving them away!